01 Services

Adaptable services and solutions

Let our experienced engineers consult with you on the most effective solution for your business.

02 Our Strategy

We make your business our priority

We continuously foster and always value our customer relationships. The average customer has been with us for 4 years.

03 Support we render

Secure and reliable foundation

IT professionals manage the data infrastructure to support our clients growing and evolving data center requirements.

About Us

Since our inception, Athenix has established an excellent reputation for delivering proven solutions and for providing tremendous value to our clients by becoming their trusted advisor. With a customer satisfaction rating of 95 percent, it's not surprising that the average customer has been with Athenix for over four years and a good portion of our revenues come from current customers.

Strong revenue and profitability growth are a testament to the company's overwhelming commitment to deliver a unique combination of first-class managed hosting, colocation and business continuity solutions to companies looking to focus on their core business.

For more facts about Athenix, please download a printable datasheet, call an Athenix representative today at 1-888-458-9378 or email sales@athenix.net.


Quick Start Program-designed specifically for venture capital firms and their portfolio companies

The Quick Start Program enables venture capital firms to recommend reliable, secure and affordable data solutions at a discount rate for their portfolio companies. The program is designed to benefit portfolio companies in the following ways:

• Increase time to market
• Decrease capital expenditures
• Provide special discounts on all Athenix solutions and services


Our Commitment

If you are new to Athenix, we invite you to learn what our current business partners already know: There's much more to building a strong network than just fiber and pipe. And, to our existing customers who have put their trust in our network of people, processes, and services, we thank you, and we promise to maintain our daily commitment as your source for unparalleled service into the future.

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